About Jamia Rehmania

Jamia Rehmania Educational and Cultural Trust is a voluntary organisation based in Castlefield,  High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

It was set up in 1996 and has since been serving a large number of local residents regularly throughout the week, including after school lessons for children. They are taught to read in Urdu and Arabic as well as reciting from the Quran.

Imam K B Rehman (chairperson), has gained much support from the local community to provide this very important service to the muslim residents of this area.

To date lessons are being provided by Mr Rehman and other voluntary helpers. There are currently 1 full-time and 12 part-time volunteers teaching the above subjects to around 200 students.

Jamia Rehmania has the capacity to offer a first step in education and training to adults and children to prepare them for further education and employment.

Jamia also provides probationary services.

We are currently running the classes aimed, in the main, towards the youth to provide additional support to the education they are receiving in the main stream education system, the support that is perhaps not provided in the home, is provided here.

The teachers are all volunteers and they have given a very professional dedication to this cause recognising the plight of the families who are living in this area.

We are immensely grateful to Allah that we are able to provide help to students who attend the centre for assistance in their chosen areas.


In the future inshallah, we aim to offer the facility of English and Maths to the parents of the children because we realise that their effort is of the utmost importance.